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Electric log splitter hydraulic oil

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8 lbs.

All pro- tective safety devices must be reattached immediately after repair and maintenance work have been completed.

1 to 3.

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Electric 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter.

Replacement Blade for Yardmax Lawn Mower.

Super S Anti-Wear AW32 Hydraulic Oil for Log & Wood Splitters, Gear & Compressor Oil- Rust & Corrosion Protection- 1 Gallon 4.

Log capacity 20.

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FYI, the four oils the manual specifies are Shell Tellus 22, Mobil DTE11, ARAL Vitam GF 22, and BP Energol HLP-HM 22.

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The YS0552 comes with a removable stand, so you can split without bending over even if you dont have a workbench, and with log trays to catch the split logs of wood.

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